Catholic Herald says “Contraception is not the answer to climate change”

September 29, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Eric Rimmer for this piece from the Catholic Herald. I could not find any place to post an opposing view. I won’t keep posting negative articles like this one, but I do think it’s important for us to know what is being said by various media. You can see a sampling of the wonderful letters of protest regarding one of these articles at

The Optimum Population Trust, an organisation which promotes the radical reduction in human population primarily for the sake of the environment, believes it has come up with a cheap solution to global warming: more contraception. On the face of it there is some plausibility in its argument. But scratch beneath the surface and one soon finds that it is the OPT’s research which is based on a serious dose of hot air.

Ever since Malthus argued that without war, pestilence and famine human numbers would always outstrip food production, there has been an intense debate on the relationship between population and development. The debating ground has shifted over the years: is there enough space, food, resources, energy, water and so on…

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