The Colorado Environmental Film Festival Awards Best Documentary to The Great Squeeze

November 12, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Golden, Colorado – On the night of Saturday, November 7th, the film The Great Squeeze won the coveted Best Feature Documentary at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. It was filmmaker Christophe Fauchere’s second win at that festival. Two years earlier, in 2007, his film Energy Crossroads won the top prize.

Fauchere, grateful and energized by his second win, explains how The Great Squeeze began, “I realized that there weren’t really any movies out there that connected the dots between our most serious environmental problems.” He goes on to say, “The Great Squeeze is not a doom and gloom movie, but a call to action. We need a paradigm shift and not a quick fix or band-aid…we have lost touch with the environment and our place within it. Our environmental crises won’t be solved unless the public understands these issues and what we have done to cause them. The outcome of this realization can only be good for all of us.”

The Great Squeeze has been featured at 12 festivals around the world, from Taiwan and New Zealand to the European Independent Film Festival in Paris. Albert Bates, an expert in permaculture and natural building says of the film, “The Great Squeeze comes to us wholly formed. The issues it presents are systemic and existential….That all of this is carried through cinematically, leaving us still a glimmer of hope at the end, is profound. You will walk away changed.”

The Sierra Club’s Julie Littman goes on to say, “the film does a great job of crystallizing this message, explaining exactly what we’ve been doing wrong and how it’s affected the planet …”

Fauchere created Tiroir A Films Productions over 10 years ago in Denver Colorado. Although Fauchere is a native of France, he has been living in the United States for over 20 years. “The Great Squeeze” and “Energy Crossroads” were both co-produced with his wife, Joyce Johnson. The films were self-financed and his small production company used all the tricks of the trade to get it made on a shoestring budget. The Great Squeeze and Energy Crossroads are available on the films websites and An academic version for schools is also available. His current film explores the controversial environmental and social issues surrounding population “Pushing 10 Billion” which will be released next spring.

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