Your response needed to the Wall Street Journal for editorial attacking UNFPA

November 20, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Bob Walker for alerting me to the fact that the Wall Street Journal’s international edition today published an opinion piece on page 12 that viciously attacks the UNFPA report on population and climate change. The article is pasted below. It deserves a very strong response. Following the editorial is the letter I sent in response, plus two articles about the UNFPA report. At, you can see the comments and the replies by WSJ. The UNFPA report can be downloaded from Letters are to be sent to:

Life: It’s Killing the Planet

Forget about saving the environment for the sake of your children. It turns out that if you really care about the planet, you probably shouldn’t have any children to begin with.

That’s the thrust of the 2009 report from the U.N. Population Fund—the people who in 1983 handed China’s then-minister of family planning an award for the “effectiveness” of population control by forced abortion and sterilization. The Fund has long believed that more people are a burden, not a boon, to human welfare. The idea is not new, and over the centuries has taken form in the view that too many people consume too many natural resources, or that more people necessarily means more poverty, or (much more sinisterly) that people prone to having many children are somehow the wrong kind of people.

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