PRB Discuss Online, Dec. 2, 2009: “Population and Climate Change: What Is the Link?”

December 1, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

From Population Reference Bureau.

Take part in the Population Reference Bureau’s upcoming Discuss Online: “Population and Climate Change: What Is the Link?”

When: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009, 1–2 p.m. (EST) (GMT -5)

Who: Karen Hardee, vice president of research, Population Action International

Where: Go to You may submit questions in advance and during the discussion. A full transcript of the questions and answers will be posted after the discussion.

Climate change may adversely affect the population in many parts of the globe, in particular in developing countries where there is still substantial population growth. How do population dynamics figure into the conversations about climate? The contribution of population to climate change has been widely debated, and it is getting more attention leading up to the international meeting on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Join Karen Hardee, vice president of research at Population Action International, as she answers your questions about population and adaption to (or mitigation of) the effects of climate change. She will address the role of family planning and reproductive health and the population component in the current global discussions of climate change.

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