No science in Plimer’s primer

December 3, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Many thanks to Mark O’Connor for this article from The Australian debunking Ian Plimer’s attack on climate change science.

ONE of the peculiar things about being an astronomer is that you receive, from time to time, monographs on topics such as “a new theory of the electric universe”, or “Einstein was wrong”, or “the moon landings were a hoax”.

The writings are always earnest, often involve conspiracy theories and are scientifically worthless.

One such document that arrived last week was Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Earth. What makes this case unusual is that Plimer is a professor — of mining geology — at the University of Adelaide. If the subject were anything less serious than the future habitability of the planet Earth, I wouldn’t go to the trouble of writing this review.

For full article, visit:,,25433059-5003900,00.html

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