Is Canada Guilty of Climate Negligence?

December 5, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Mary De Lavalette for this editorial.

In the lead-up to Copenhagen, the Canadian government’s (non)policy on global warming borders on the criminally negligent. This may seem an outrageous assertion, particularly to those lost in the thickening fog of deception churned out by climate change deniers, but please bear with me for a moment.

First, climate change, particularly global warming, is an undisputed fact. The mean global temperature has increased by .8 C° over the last century.

Second, while it is true that Earth’s climate is primarily determined by various non-human factors, including solar output and shifting ocean currents, there have been no changes in these sufficient to explain ongoing temperature increases.

For full article, visit: Dr. Rees Trapped in a Logical Cul de Sac (Word doc., 38 KB)

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