The ‘human’ factor is missing in Copenhagen

December 12, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Bob Walker for sending me this column on Copenhagen and population by Ellen Goodman. Letters may be sent to the Boston Globe at or you can send a supporting note to Ellen Goodman at Please include your full name, address, and a telephone number for confirmation purposes. Letters should be 200 words or less and are subject to condensation. Thanks to Roger Martin for the latest leaflet from the Optimum Population Trust on their carbon offsets plan, referred to in Goodman’s OpEd.

OPT PopOffsets COP 15 leaflet
The ‘human’ factor is missing in Copenhagen

Yes, there is something more foreign than being offered kippered herring for your breakfast. It’s being offered PopOffsets for your conscience.

After seven hours and 3,325 miles, I arrive here, open the paper, and discover that a British think tank, Optimum Population Trust, is ready to make me a deal. As a good environmentalist, I can offset the 1.1 tons of carbon emissions spewed into the atmosphere from my trans-Atlantic flight by donating $7 to a family planning program.

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