Contraception vital in climate change fight

December 17, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Thato Ratsebe for this article from Yahoo News. The statement that “200 million women across the world want contraceptives, but cannot get them” is incorrect. Of the non-users of contraception who do not want another pregnancy in the next two years (between 100 million and 200 million), fully one-third to one-half have no intention to use contraception because of fear of health risks, personal opposition, male opposition, religious opposition, and fatalism. Less than 2% of the reasons given for non-use by this group have anything to do with lack of access or cost. This data is not correctly understood by many people in the fields of family planning and population.

Contraception advice is crucial to poor countries’ battle with climate change, and policy makers are failing their people if they continue to shy away from the issue, a leading family planning expert said on Friday.

Leo Bryant, a lead researcher on a World Health Organization study on population growth and climate change, said the stigma attached to birth control in both developing and developed countries was hindering vital progress.

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