Move over, it’s getting crowded

December 20, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Mark O’Connor for this editorial from the April 22 Australian.

I haven’t joined the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement yet, but I’m getting close. There are just too many of us for our own good, let alone for the wellbeing of all things on, in and above terra firma and terra firma itself. Worse, when we aren’t making global mischief by being so darn numerous, we’re getting up to no good with our antics.

The latest black mark for Homo sapiens comes from Sumatra. (Note, I’ve downgraded our taxonomic classification from Homo sapiens sapiens as we aren’t terribly sapient these days.) Not only are people pushing our orangutan cousins to the brink of extinction, they’re busy capturing and trading the littlies as pets, often after dispatching the reluctant mother. The latest report from international wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic estimates that only about 7000 of the critically endangered primates remain in the wild.

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