Reducing pop growth through TV

December 21, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Fred Stanback for this article. We know that having access to mass media is effective in lowering fertility rates, probably not because it results in people not having sex, as the Indian Family Welfare Minister suggests in the article below, but because of people being educated by the information contained in TV shows and observing role models for use of family planning and smaller family size.

Earlier this month the United Nations warned that the world population–at least 6.7 billion–would double in the next 40 years if growth rates remain unchecked. The UN specifically singled out India, where the number of people–1.17 billion–is increasing by 1.6 a year, and said that population explosion could exacerbate problems such as famine, disease and struggles over resources.

Television: Is it a form of birth control?

“We are looking at tens of millions more mouths to feed, children to school and people to house in the countries that are least able to accommodate that,” a UN spokesman said.

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