PMC’s Alleyne Regis one of Six Eco-Warriors From Around the World

December 27, 2009 • PMC in the News

Congratulations to Alleyne Regis for being named an eco-warrior by Razoo.

Alleyne Regis uses a unique method to raise awareness of environmental and social issues in the Caribbean: radio soap operas. For three years, Regis produced a radio show for residents of the island of St. Lucia called Changing Tides, a serial drama that used gripping plotlines to spotlight issues like AIDS and the South Pacific ecosystem. The show, which was sponsored by a conservation group called RARE, had more than 200,000 listeners, and they paid attention to the social messages: 32 percent said that they had stopped littering because of what they’d learned on the program. Now, Regis is building up an even bigger audience: he’s working with the nonprofit group Population Media Center ( on a new socially-conscious radio program that airs in nine Caribbean countries. Who knew soap operas could be such a good influence?

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