VPR Interview — Population Media Center Wins Award

December 29, 2009 • PMC in the News

Bill Ryerson, President of PMC, appeared on Vermont Public Radio (VPR) today to discuss the recent Drucker Award and the work of PMC. Below is a write up frmo VPR’s website along with a link to listen to the interview.

A non-profit located in Vermont has been honored for its work making a difference in some two dozen countries around the world.

The Shelburne-based Population Media Center recently received a Peter F. Drucker Award granted to social organizations that demonstrate innovation and positive change in peoples’ lives.

PMC achieves that goal through internationally broadcast entertainment serial dramas in which characters evolve into role models for the audiences they reach.

Here’s an excerpt from a PMC program that aired in Jamaica, in which a woman finds out that her friend was assaulted at a party:

“Tricia, what’s wrong? Nothing. If it was nothing you wouldn’t be crying. It’s nothing, Wendy, it’s just…What is it? If something is wrong I want to know what it is. It’s just that, at the party the other night. I was drinking, and…Drinking??? I know, Wendy. OK?

Melodramas like these are written to deliver a resounding moral message about serious real-life issues-including HIV and AIDS prevention, womens’ rights, and planning for children.

Bill Ryerson is the President and founder of the PMC, and he visited our VPR Studios to tell us more about the origins and goals of the genre that’s been dubbed “Soap Operas for Social Change.”

Ryerson speaks with VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb.

For audio, visit VPR’s website and select “Listen” that will appear in the middle of the page

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