The Economist thinks population growth is “A Ponzi scheme that works”

January 10, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

This article from the December 17 Economist concludes, “Relying on the import of money, workers, and brains,” writes Mr Lind, America is “a Ponzi scheme that works.” The Economist seems to have no clue that endless growth in the U.S. is not sustainable.

At one of the many Korean restaurants in Annandale, Virginia, a waitress cracks a raw egg into a sizzling tofu-and-oyster stew. Tables buckle under heaps of chili-, garlic- and cabbage-themed side dishes. Every customer is of Korean origin. Is this a sign that Korean immigrants are failing to assimilate in America?

Far from it. A mother addresses her college-age daughter in Korean; the daughter replies in English. A muscular man with a buzz cut reads a Korean newspaper; his T-shirt proclaims, in English: “Support our Troops”.

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