Australia’s day of population reckoning

February 1, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Mark O’Connor for this editorial by Crispin Hull, former editor of The Canberra Times. This appeared in the January 30 Canberra Times.

HOW apt that the debate which major political parties have tried to avoid for so long should become one of the major talking points of the week of Australia Day – our population.

The line-up was instructive. Philanthropist businessman Dick Smith, poet and author Mark O’Connor, former politicians Bob Carr and (less recently) Bob Hawke against large increases in population on one side and billionaire property developer Harry Triguboff and serving politicians Tony Abbott and (less recently) Kevin Rudd in favour of a large population on the other.

A four-segment series on the 7.30 Report added to the debate.

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