Denied Contraception, Filipino Women Face Despair

February 6, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Lourdes Osil is a poor woman from Manila City, Philippines, in her thirties. She has seven children, a few more than she had wanted. Make no mistake, she loves her children and husband dearly, but her helplessness and inability to provide them with the most basic things that any parent would want to provide her children—and would feel responsible to provide—has made her a very sad and tormented woman.

Ms. Osil is one of hundreds, and possibly thousands, of women who over the last decade have been systematically denied their most basic human rights in Manila due to a religious and political agenda. Over nine years ago, the former mayor of the city, Jose “Lito” Atienza issued an executive order which effectively bans the use of contraception. Yes, that means condoms, birth control pills, and even sterilization are virtually prohibited in the city.

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