RIGHTS: U.N. Women’s Agency Remains Politically Paralysed

March 9, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

A longstanding proposal for the creation of a special U.N. agency for women – officially called a “gender entity” – is apparently moving at the sluggish pace of a paralytic snail.

The proposal – originally conceived by a high-level panel of U.N. experts back in 2006 – has remained a theoretical exercise for so long that a coalition of women activists is spoofing it in a fake electronic newspaper being circulated at a U.N meeting on gender empowerment here.

The fictitious headlines in the newspaper say it all: ‘New U.N. Women’s Rights Agency Created (Not true);’ ‘Search for the head of the U.N. Women’s Agency (A long way off); ‘New Women’s Super Agency Attracts Donors’ (Hardly); and ‘Much Awaited but Slow Reforms’ (Closer to truth).

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