Green power

March 19, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to John Rowley for this article.

As the world graph of greenhouse gas emissions keeps on rising and entrenched fossil fuel lobbies are fed millions of dollars to scupper radical clean-up measures, it is easy to overlook the quiet progress that is being made to step up the transition to a renewable energy future. In only the last few weeks our website has carried a series of stories on wind power and other green energy projects, which show just how quickly these industries are scaling up to make a real impact on the problem.

Most recently the United Kingdom, already the leading offshore wind power, has seen agreement to go ahead with the London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary, potentially able to power a quarter of Greater London’s homes. At the same time, Europe’s largest on-shore wind farm was turned on in Scotland near Glasgow (see Europe’s largest on-shore wind farm turned on). Already able to meet all of Glasgow’s electricity needs, it is due to expand by another third. Meanwhile, plans were lodged to build a huge community-owned 150-turbine scheme in Shet land.

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