“Thirst of Life” Wins Listeners’ Acclaims

April 2, 2010 • Vietnam, PMC in the News

PMC’s program in Vietnam, Khat Vong Song (“The Desire of Life”) also known as “Thirst of Life”, was featured on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark http://www.ambhanoi.um.dk

On 19 March 2010, a meeting between Voice of Vietnam (VOV)’s listeners, the programmers and actors of Thirst of Life, one of the most popular programmes on VOV, was organized. The programme has been supported by the Embassy of Denmark with technical assistance from UNFPA.

Production and broadcast of the serialized radio drama designed towards positive behavioural change based on the partnership between Danida and UNFPA is going to finalize airing of its 104 episodes. The drama tells stories of unfortunate lives, domestic violence, gender inequality, and the characters’ extraordinary efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. A meeting between active listeners, programmers and actors was organised in Hanoi on 19 March to exchange their experience and opinions about the drama and its impacts.

Huong, a listener from the northern border province of Lang Son invited to the meeting, said: ‘My family had broken up. I had to live on my own and bring up my child. The programme has created a forum for unfortunate people like me to share feelings and hope for assistance. After hearing the episodes and advice from programmers, I feel more confident to go forward.’

Hien, a young girl infected with HIV/AIDS from Hanoi, shared: ‘I like the drama a lot as it not only encourages me to put extra efforts to struggle against the disease but also helps to change attitude of many people surrounding me who have discriminated against people living with HIV/AIDS.

The programme not only wins interest from young listeners but also receives strong support from aged adults. Mr. Manh, a 55-year-old man from Hai Duong, about 60 km from Hanoi said: ‘The programme is highly educational. I myself also managed not to fall into traps thanks to listening to the programme’.

With funding from Denmark, the programme has been aired since April 2008 and captured great attention from listeners across the country. It has proven to be highly instrumental in raising listeners’ awareness of sexual reproductive health and gender equality and encouraging attitude and behavior change related to HIV/AIDS. The programme has also helped thousand listeners deal with difficult situations they face in their daily life by giving advice.

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