Hunts Claim Hundreds of Wolves

April 26, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

The following story from Natural Resources Defense Council is a follow up to the report a year ago of the Interior Department’s delisting of wolves as endangered in certain states.

For wolves in the northern Rockies, it was a year of devastation unparalleled in modern history: nearly one-third of the entire population in the region killed, more than 200 of them gunned down by hunters. Entire packs were wiped out, such as the Sage Creek pack that inhabited the Idaho/Montana border. Others were decimated, including Idaho’s long-standing Basin Butte pack, once a favorite of wolf watchers, which lost seven members to aerial gunners. In all, more than 500 wolves died in 2009, a spree fueled by the sort of wanton cruelty that was expressed on a sign outside a restaurant in Idaho: “Tag a Wolf. Get a Free Pizza and a Pitcher of Beer.”

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