The growth of the human population is bad

April 28, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Jack Martin for this article from the San Diego News.

Growth is bad. You rarely hear that statement in any context in America these days. But it is true. Americans have been brainwashed into believing that all growth, unless it pertains to cancer, is unquestionably a good thing. But let’s think about that. Would we want the world population to grow until people were standing shoulder to shoulder on all of the Earth’s land? No, right? OK, that means we recognize that population growth must stop at some point, and not just slow down, either. So we’re not debating whether population growth has to come to a complete halt, we’re only talking about when.

Note that though the well meaning Al Gore thinks that global warming is the big thing to worry about, he has completely neglected the root cause. It doesn’t even matter if humans are responsible for global warming. They so clearly are the cause of so much other trouble, and it’s because there are too many people. All the world leaders are concerned about how to feed, clothe, and supply water and energy to the growing multitudes. Sophisticated agricultural, water desalination, and purification, and energy production methods are being researched and developed. But all this effort will prove futile if world population continues to grow. We live on a finite planet. Growth will simply overwhelm the attempted remedies.

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