Our exploding population is the gravest threat Britain faces today

May 3, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

This article from the Daily Mail is the outcome of the work of the Optimum Population Trust. The author used to deride population “alarmists” prior to a conversation with one of OPT’s policy directors. He clearly has come around.

For most of my professional life, I have derided the population alarmists. Those who spent the past few decades warning that there were far too many people in Britain and the wider world had always struck me as shrill, their arguments flawed at best and downright racist at worst.

Back in the Seventies, it was received wisdom that, by the early 21st century, the West would be groaning under the weight of its billions, with famine stalking the land and supermarket shelves empty.

This didn’t happen. Instead we face an obesity epidemic, and, in the rich world, ageing populations which – we are told – have to be shored up by mass immigration.

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