The truth in black and white: there are too many of us

May 4, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Steve Kurtz for this editorial from the Times Online. Also see the OpEd below from Roger Martin, Chair of the Optimum Population Trust, which appeared in the Guardian on 29 August.

Roger Martin OpEd (Word doc., 32 KB)

Net immigration to Britain last year was only 118,000, the lowest it has been for many years. This is presumably a consequence of the immigrants we’ve received over the past 10 years finally getting their mobile phones charged up and being able to tell their friends and relatives back home how ghastly it is here.

Many have already gone back, sadly shaking their heads and now prepared to put up with the familiar iniquities of their countries of origin — famine, disease, plagues of locusts, overzealous secret police, no work — rather than remain in a country where Harriet Harman is leader of the House of Commons and Jim Naughtie is in charge of the Booker prize.

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