The Critics – Deconstructed

May 13, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Many thanks to Kurt Dahl for this fascinating paper deconstructing the arguments against concern with population. Kurt’s material provides relevant answers to some of the postings at Mother Jones’ population forum, which you can see at

There are monsters on the loose today – vile ogres who propose that we should “dispense with seatbelts” and who believe “children should be encouraged to smoke at an early age” (From the Wall Street Journal). These villainous creatures are identified as post-reproductive rich white men who are trying to protect their right to own super-yachts (Monbiot, in the Guardian), and who talk of mass sterilizations and abortions (Harsanyi, in the Denver Post).

And who exactly are these monsters? They are people like John Holdren, President Obama’s science advisor – a man who “peddles calamity as science” (Denver Post), and Paul Ehrlich, the “bumbling soothsayer” (also Denver Post).

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