Apocalypse Soon

May 22, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Sarah Bergman of the Center for Biological Diversity for this article from the Santa Fe Reporter. See http://www.sfreporter.com/stories/apocalypse_soon/5120/. See below an earlier article from South Africa on the same theme and a recent article on a book and film about collapse. We know from these examples not all journalists shy away from addressing population and the related problems facing the world community.

Within the short stories and novels penned by science fiction writer Paolo Bacigalupi, the planet has fallen apart and humans confront unimaginable moral challenges. His most recent novel, The Wind Up Girl, is set in a post-oil world in which genetically engineered plants and animals are the norm and “calorie companies” control not only food distribution, but the plagues and diseases that destroy crops.

The most frightening aspect of all the stories he tells, however, is their genesis: Bacigalupi examines current environmental conditions and events, then extrapolates those into the future. Within those futures, readers experience a world in which the consequences of our present-day choices-consumption, environmental degradation and loss of community-play out in often grotesque ways.

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