As We Are: Child Free

June 3, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Katie Elmore for letting me know about a series on child free living by Oregon Public Broadcasting. There is an online discussion on their website. Here is the link where you can add your comments:

It’s not uncommon for people to ask young, healthy couples if they have children. When the answer is “no,” there can be an awkward pause… and then maybe a question: why not? Some people choose to put off having children until they’re financially ready or they’ve gotten to a certain point in their career, while others may have made the decision not to reproduce at all. The next installment of our As We Are series explores the idea of being “child free,” and the varied reasons behind the choice.

People who choose not to have children may have medical limitations that would make childbirth or child rearing particularly onerous, or they may have physical traits that they would rather not pass on to the next generation. Others may choose not to have kids because of how it would change the way they live their lives. Some may put overpopulation and environmental concerns at the top of their list.

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