Pushing Babies: The Assault on Childless Women

June 3, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

The following article points out the pressure on women to have children.

Childless women of all ages are under assault in America. If you’re a teenager, you’re pushed toward motherhood by “moralizers” bent on denying you information about, and access to, birth control. If you’re a women 35 and older, you’ve been subject to a decade of news stories set to the ominous sound of a ticking clock and bent on creating fertility anxiety-if you wait, you’ll be too late. And lately the anxiety peddlers have been expanding their targeted danger zone to include women in their late 20s and early 30s. Women lose 90 per cent of ‘eggs’ by 30,” ABC news and others informed us recently, and the message was more of the same: get busy!

We have abstinence-only ed to thank for the recent upswing in the teen birth rate, a job assisted by the glamorization of teen moms in the media and of babies, babies, babies in the tabloids and the reality TV shows. Of course the glamour fades fast, and teen moms face big problems such as plummeting high school graduation rates for the moms and, later, for their kids, a higher likelihood of poverty and less hope of a long-term relationship with or support from dad. Those are personal problems for the girls and their families, but they’re also national problems as our hope for a globally competitive, educated work force goes south. Education reform not linked to real birth control information doesn’t just leave kids behind, it actively sets them and all of us back.

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