TV Discussion On Population

June 7, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Gail Abbott for this link to a TV discussion of population in Melbourne. See

Here’s a description of the program:

According to estimates, Australia’s population will grow to between 36 and 44 million by 2050. The growth will mainly be in urban areas: Melbourne, for example, is estimated to be between seven to eight million by 2050. Many argue this is sustainable, desirable and inevitable – but¬ many disagree.

In this Melbourne conversations event, prominent commentators discuss the numerous pros and cons of predicted population growth. The panel, chaired by Peter Mares (ABC RN), comprises: Mr Charles Berger – Director of Strategic Ideas, Australian Conservation Foundation; Mr Saul Eslake ¬ Economist and Program Director, Productivity Growth, Grattan Institute; Ms Maurene Horder ¬ CEO The Migration Institute of Australia Limited; Mr Mark O’Connor – Author, Poet and Environmentalist; and Dr Marcus Spiller – Planner and Urban Economist, Founding Director, SGS Economics and Planning.

Originally presented by City of Melbourne with support from Future Leaders as the Melbourne Conversations event “Will Melbourne still be marvellous in 2050? Conversations about population growth” , BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, April 2010.

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