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June 7, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

From Tony Recsei of Save Our Suburbs
Hi SOS Members

It is now nearly 10 years since we first exposed the corrupt practice of political donations from developers to the wider public on the ABC Stateline program (see attachment). Since then there have been many scandals exposed such as that involving Beth Morgan in Wollongong, court cases (Catherine Hill Bay) and both State and Federal Government inquiries into the practice of political donations. What has been the result? NOTHING!

In the Sydney Morning Herald we read today “Private land to be seized for housing” – for the article see . This proposal will allow the government to compulsorily acquire private property for developers.

Previously compulsory acquisition could only be carried out for a public purpose such as for roads. We will now see the property of citizens being grabbed by the government so that developers can make even bigger profits.

This will mean yet more high-rise in Sydney. Yet surveys show that of the 15% of families living in units in Sydney, half would prefer to live in single-residential. PEOPLE DO NOT WANT MORE HIGH-RISE – THEY WANT LESS. What is more, single-residential dwellings are more sustainable – see (1). And if we are to have an increasing population there is no need for high density. There are workable ways of housing people as they want to be housed – see (2).

So why does the government do this to us? DEVELOPER DONATIONS, that is why. With policies favoring high-density developers make huge profits out of the units they sell. They give huge donations and pull the strings of this dictatorial puppet government.

Tony Recsei

(2) See under “Built Environment”.

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