Somebody Close the Door: Reactions to Arizona Immigration Law Misses the Big Picture

June 13, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Many thanks to Mark Powell for sending me this Huffington Post article by Clarence B. Jones. He is the former personal counsel, advisor, draft speech writer and close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a Scholar in Residence at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute at Stanford University. The paperback edition of his book, What Would Martin Say has just been published by HarperCollins and his autobiography Wintertime Soldier will be released later this year.

A good doctor knows to treat the disease, not the symptoms.

In the discussion about the new law passed in Arizona directed at addressing that state’s problems associated with illegal immigrants from Mexico, the protests concerning the legislation are directed at the wrong parties, in the wrong direction. The pro-immigration community, some church groups and many Civil Rights leaders are all calling for a boycott of the State of Arizona based on their belief that the new Arizona law is focused on “racial profiling” as the method for identifying possible illegal Mexican immigrants.

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