Interactive Chart Allows You to Project U.S. Population Growth

June 14, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Roy Beck, founder and CEO of NumbersUSA, for informing me of a new interactive chart on the NumbersUSA website that allows you to see the impact of different levels of immigration on future U.S. population. As Roy says, the numbers of immigrants (4 times the traditional average) are resulting in the clearing, scraping and developing of nearly a million additional acres of natural habitat and farmland every year.

At, you can watch Numbers’ little animation about this most serious of environmental threats in the U.S. This video explains for kids, youth and jaded oldsters the relationship between U.S. population growth and the loss of the nation’s green spaces.


The video also connects to an interactive feature that allows you to change the amount of open space destruction by setting lower annual immigration levels. It is a great way to see how directly immigration policy is linked to environmental damage.

Numbers’ research of government data finds that most of the new development and urban sprawl in America is now driven by our biggest population explosion in the nation’s history. And because Americans’ birth rates have been near replacement-level since 1972, all the long-term population growth is due to immigration policies.

U.S. population growth appears to be driving the destruction of about 1 million acres of wetlands, woods, farmland, prairies, meadows and other natural habitat EVERY YEAR! Congress is responsible for this destruction because it has quadrupled annual immigration since the 1960s over the traditional average of 250,000 a year.

Congress has been giving out a million Green Cards a year since 1990. And in 2009, it gave out more than 1.1 million, the most in nearly 100 years.

Immigration has a longer term impact on the population size because of the much-higher fertility rates through several generations. Births to immigrants each year surpass a million. And until this recession, some 700,000 illegal aliens settled each year in the U.S.

All of this additional population needs land for housing, for jobs, for schools, for commerce, for transportation. Overall, it takes another 1 million acres of open space every year to provide for the extra population.

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