EU surpasses US as top donor in population assistance

July 17, 2010 • Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

The following is from the Central and Eastern European Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Rights:

Study: EU surpasses US as top donor in population assistance. The German Foundation for World Population (DSW) and the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) published their joint study Euromapping 2009. Mapping European Development Aid and Population Assistance report. According to the Euromapping 2009 report, in 2006 the EU spent nearly US$ 3 billion on population programmes and activities, increasing its aid by US$ 600 million. The US decreased its aid by nearly the same amount. To meet international commitments to provide universal access to reproductive health by 2015, donors must triple their financial support for population activities over the next four years.

More information, graphic material and the Euromapping study report in English, French and German are available online at:

Current World Population


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