Jane Goodall Calls for Curbing Population

July 21, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Joe Bish for this article from USA Today.
Humans should have fewer babies to help mitigate climate change, argue scientists including well-known conservationist Jane Goodall.

“It’s our population growth that underlies just about every single one of the problems that we’ve inflicted on the planet. If there were just a few of us, then the nasty things we do wouldn’t really matter and Mother Nature would take care of it — but there are so many of us,” the 75-year-old English scientist told Agence France-Press in an interview.

“We should be talking about somehow curtailing human population growth,” said Goodall, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, whose 1960s research on chimpanzees altered views on the relationships between humans and animals. “It’s very frustrating as people don’t want to address this topic.”

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