12 ways to cash in on the ‘collapse of Eaarth’

July 24, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Paul Farrell for sending me this paper he published at MarketWatch.

Imagine a secret society, code name “Avatar 2154,” based on the date of the “War of 2154” between the “Sec-Ops” armies from “Eaarth,” funded by the “Resources Development Corporation,” against the “Na’vi” indigenous tribes on the Pandora moon.

The war is over mining rights to Pandora’s unobtanium, a powerful new energy source needed back on Eaarth to save our planet, where rapid population growth is exhausting limited natural resources, resulting in a dying civilization. Obviously this is a metaphor for today’s global threats.

The goals of Avatar 2154: Maximum security and wealth preservation for future generations of members from the elite of Wall Street, Washington, Corporate America CEOs and the Forbes 400. Avatar 2154 secretly supports climate-change-deniers in think tanks, academic research and politicians who negate the impact of scientific facts. This effort is necessary when high-profile voices like Al Gore and Bill McKibben surface and new propaganda is required to attack their efforts stirring global climate initiatives.

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