The Politics of Climate Engineering as a Response to Global Warming

July 30, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

I urge you to read this paper by Clive Hamilton, which you can download at

It is one of the most important – and terrifying – papers I have read in some time. Not only will it make you an expert on the various schemes for engineering the climate and their prospects for impact on climate trends, but it will help you understand the level of arrogance going into planning global climate engineering using such schemes as spraying sulphur dioxide gas into the stratosphere to create sulphate aerosol particles to reflect solar radiation. This idea is being pursued by wealthy individuals and possibly governments as actions they could take unilaterally without input from the world’s people or the other nations of the world, in order to allow continued escalation of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The paper also gives a look into some of the sources of funding for such schemes. Some of the players are among the major climate deniers. Many thanks to Eric Rimmer for sending the paper to me.

After you read this paper, I hope you will contact your government representatives to urge immediate action to stop these harebrained schemes for engineering the climate. At the moment, there is no international law or treaty to stop individuals from drastically altering the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere.

You can visit Clive Hamilton’s website at You can see a talk by him at and During the Q&A at the end of the talk, he addressed Australia’s high rate of population growth and the need to stop that growth.

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