Two Films on Population

August 6, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Two documentary films are being made on population issues, as described below.

Joyce Johnson and Chris Fauchere of Tiroir A Films (, makers of the Great Squeeze (, are now producing a second film on population issues. Pushing Ten Billion (working title) will be a holistic approach to the environmental effects caused by overpopulation in the US and abroad. The film will unfold the many layers of today’s population crisis and its relationship to most of our modern environmental and social problems. By going beyond the obvious, it exposes the different forces that combine to keep this issue under the rug. The film explores concrete, innovative and holistic approaches to solving the problem. It includes engaging interviews with experts in the field of reproductive health, economics, religion, and the social sciences. What sets the movie apart are the compelling real-life stories of women and families around the world who put a face on this important and overlooked issue.

You can see an overview clip from the film at where you can also learn more about the project. In order for this very important project to keep going, the producers are looking for further donations. Please contact Tiroir A Films if you want more information on the project. You can reach them at For tax deductible donations, contact Population Media Center.

A second film is being produced by Dave Gardner. The trailer for Dave Gardner’s Hooked on Growth documentary was a big hit at the Population Strategy Meeting in Washington DC in October. Dave’s distribution strategy relies on building a large grass roots support network, via an email list you can join at, where you can also contribute in support of the film project. You can also see the trailer on that homepage. Dave has also given us a link to an extended Preview/Discussion With the Filmmaker (, offering a more in-depth glimpse of what this film will cover and how it will approach the subjects. Hooked on Growth asks and answers the question, “How can we become a truly sustainable civilization?”

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