Gillard, First Female Australia Premier, Breaks With Rudd Mining Tax Plan

August 11, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Steve Kurtz for this article from Bloomberg News.

Julia Gillard, who last week replaced Kevin Rudd as Australian prime minister, may move to slow Australia’s population growth amid concerns about failing infrastructure and the nation’s environment.

“The change of direction is to put front and center the sustainability issues,” Gillard said in an interview with the Nine television network today “There are environmental issues about water and about soil. But there are also sustainability issues about planning, about services.”

Gillard has distanced herself from some of Rudd’s policies since gaining the role unopposed in a Labor party-room ballot on June 24. The 48-year-old Wales-born lawyer already revisited two of Rudd’s most unpopular decisions by reconsidering a carbon- trading system shelved in April and agreeing to negotiate with the mining industry on a proposed tax increase.

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