No numbers, no substance, no solutions – just populist platitude

August 11, 2010 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Mark O’Connor for this piece by Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Julia Gillard says she wants a population policy, but it’s sounding more like a population placebo. Her opening position is that she does not want a ”big Australia”. She tells us that ”hurtling towards a big Australia is not only undesirable. It is irresponsible.

”If you elect me on August 21, our country will take the path to a sustainable population. I will focus on preserving the quality of life of our Australian sanctuary.” OK. So what is a sustainable population? The Prime Minister doesn’t want to tell us. She doesn’t want to debate the overall size of the population: ”I don’t think we should be nominating a number.” She seems to want to host a debate rather than supply an answer: ”I urge you all to contribute to the national population strategy we are developing.”

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