Take the pledge to live more sustainably!

August 13, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

Vermonters now have the opportunity to take an on line pledge to live more sustainably. Vermonters for a Sustainable Population has developed a list of what it considers the ten most important actions that will lead to more sustainable lifestyles.

In announcing the pledge opportunity the president of Vermonters for Sustainable Population Lisa Sammet said, “Both government policies and personal choices are necessary to lessen the ecological footprint of the human population on the earth. However, government at most levels is failing to do the job which makes it all the more important that we as individuals do our part and even more if we possibly can. We encourage all Vermonters to take this pledge and thereby let others know of your dedication to protecting this earth for future generations. The actions on the pledge list are certainly not all that we can do but they are an excellent start.”

To make the pledge visit VSP online: http://www.vspop.org/htm/VSP-Pledge.htm

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