Behind the Scenes at the UN: A Reform to Strengthen Global Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

August 16, 2010 • Gender Equality, Daily Email Recap

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It is a good week to be thinking about gender equality and women’s rights. International Women’s Day, which was on Monday, was celebrated around the world. At the United Nations this week over 700 government officials, thousands NGO leaders, and even a few celebrities have assembled for the 54th meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women. Across town, The Daily Beast’s inaugural Women in the World conference kicks off this weekend.

With appearances at the UN by the likes of Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton, public attention to women’s rights and gender equality has been intense. Behind the scenes, meanwhile, there is an effort underway to make sure that attention to gender issues does not wane when the stars retreat to Hollywood and top government officials return to their capitals. Indeed, many of the same government officials and civil leaders meeting in New York this week are seeking to promote gender equality and women’s rights as a core UN mission, akin to universal human rights and global development.

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