Partnership to promote MDG progress on radio

August 25, 2010 • Radio Serial Dramas, Papua New Guinea, PMC in the News

From The National

The United Nations in Papua New Guinea in cooperation with the Population Media Centre (PMC) has entered a two-year partnership programme with Colgate-Palmolive PNG on promoting the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDG) through the MDG radio drama campaign which will be launched next year.

Colgate came in as the key corporate sponsor of with the donation of K100,000 for two social change radio serial dramas to be developed for public broadcast in PNG in Tok Pisin and English by US-based PMC.

“UN is delighted that Colgate has taken on the role as corporate partner for development in PNG. Through this support, it is developing a legacy of civic participation and helping PNG move towards achieving the MDG,” UN resident coordinator David McLachlan-Karr, said.

The radio campaign is being carried our by PMC on behalf of UN as part of it MDG campaign, aimed at raising and encouraging citizen participation in the promotion and delivery of the MDG.

It would include the production and broadcast of two radio drama series that would air twice a week over the course of two year. Each series would be 208 episodes in length and would be broadcast nationally via provincial stations.

The series would be original dramas written and produced by PNG nationals who would receive technical support and training from world renowned writers, producers, and communications professionals from both Hollywood and the developing world.

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