PMC: Acting for Change

October 1, 2010 • Serial Dramas, Radio Serial Dramas, PMC in the News

From the Mulago Foundation.

Throughout the developing world, everyone who possibly can watches TV and listens to the radio – all want to be entertained. Recognizing the power of entertaining role models, Mexican TV producer Miguel Sabido developed a systematic method to create popular soap operas to deliver behavior-changing messages. The Population Media Center (PMC) has become the leading practitioner of the Sabido method, applying it to stop female circumcision in Sudan, promote safe sex in Nigeria, battle child labor in Burkina Faso, and confront poaching of gorillas in Rwanda. Their programs reach millions and create behavior change at an astonishingly low cost – it turns out that the more messages are packed into a series, the better it works. Over the past ten years in 14 countries, PMC has tuned and streamlined the Sabido method and trained hundreds of writers and producers. Adaptable to any market, PMC’s approach promises to help millions of people achieve a better life.

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