Population Institute Names 31st Annual Global Media Award Winners

October 21, 2010 • Serial Dramas, Daily Email Recap

If you live in the Bay Area of northern California, join us for the awards ceremony on December 2. Contact Jennie Wetter for details at jwetter@populationinstitute.org

Population Institute Names 31st Annual Global Media Award Winners

Washington, DC – A Kenyan serial drama, the Senior Editor of Grist, and a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist are among the 10 recipients of the Population Institute’s 2010 Global Media Awards for Excellence in Population Reporting. The awards will be presented December 2nd, at a ceremony in San Francisco, California.

Laurie Mazur, a writer and the director of the Population Justice Project, will receive the Best Book award for her book A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice, & The Environmental Challenge. The book, which she edited, explores the relationship between population growth and climate change, ecosystem health, and other environmental issues.

Mother Jones will be honored with the award for Best Article or Series of Articles for its May/June population themed issue. Mother Jones dedicated their entire issue to looking at the impact that population growth is having on the world and as the cover asks “Who’s to Blame for the Population Crisis?”

Kakaire Kirunda, a journalist in Uganda, will be honored with the award for Best Print Editorial for his editorial entitled “Time to Apply Brakes on Rapid Population Growth.” This editorial looked at the mudslides in Uganda and linked the tragedy to unsustainable population growth, hoping to draw attention to the issue of rapid population growth in Uganda.

The P.U.S.H. Journal will receive the award for Best Online News Service for its daily updates of sexual and reproductive health issues around the world. PUSH Journal’s daily e-mail service puts top population stories together in one place, making it one of the most convenient and easy-to-use communication services on population issues.

Lisa Hymas, the Senior Editor at Grist, will be awarded Best Online Commentary for her blog “The GINK Chronicles.” Her blog discusses population and environment issues and her choice to not have children (GINK: Green Inclinations, No Kids).

Empty Handed, produced by Population Action International, will receive the award for Best Film or Miniseries. The film illustrates the challenges and obstacles that are faced by women in Uganda as they try to access family planning services.

Joel Pett, a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, will be honored with the award for Best Editorial Cartoon. He has a history of commenting on population and environmental issues over the course of his award winning career.

Dick Smith Population Puzzle
, broadcast on ABC1 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), will be recognized as the Best TV Show. This documentary looked at Australia’s rapid population growth and ways to change the political and social consensus on the issue in Australia.

The Climate Connection: Are There Too Many People on the Planet? from BBC World Service will receive the award for Best Radio Show. The program, airing before the Copenhagen Climate Talks, engaged people in the UK and Kenya in a lively and informative discussion about population and its impact on climate.

Makutano Junction
will receive the award for Best Serial Drama. It is a television serial drama focusing on issues faced in a small town in Kenya. Makutano Junction has covered a range of issues including the danger of unsafe abortion and the importance of contraception and planned families. It has aired in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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