Now is the Time to Move Beyond Petroleum

October 29, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Bianca Jagger, whom I met at the Peak Oil Conference for alerting me to her Huffington Post article. In her talk at the conference, she emphasized the problem of population growth, as you will see below.

Today we stand at a crossroads in history. The warnings from our most respected scientists are loud and clear, yet government leaders continue to ignore the scale of the threat. According to many scientists, we have less than a decade left to address the issue of climate change before we reach the “tipping point”, or the point of no return. The earth is perilously close to dramatic climate change that threatens to spiral way out of control. Scientists now generally accept that current pledges of 20% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2020 are inadequate given the gravity of the current situation: we have already reached the threshold of dangerous climate change. The task now is to prevent catastrophic climate chaos. Failure to act effectively is likely to precipitate cataclysmic changes that may obliterate life on earth.

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