AGRICULTURE: Ending the World as We Know It By John Feeney

November 5, 2010 • Farming Practices, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Peter Salonius for this article.

So how’s all that modern environmentalism working out for us — the green living, the carbon credits, reduced consumption, development in the Third World, better solar panels? If it all seems hopelessly inadequate, even laughable in the face of today’s global ecological crisis, perhaps that’s because it’s rooted in denial of the origins of the ecological drama now playing out.

It’s a drama of which climate change is only a part. It goes back ten thousand years and farther into the human past, confronts us with how we relate to nature, and brings reminders of abandoned civilizations.
We turn away from this drama because it raises troubling questions going straight to the foundations of our way of life. But grappling with converging environmental crises and the specter of widespread ecological collapse, for the sake of the human future it’s time we face it.

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