2011 Global Population Speak Out

December 3, 2010 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

The Population Institute is pleased to announce the kick-off of the 2011 Global Population Speak Out (GPSO). We urge you to visit our new and improved website and make your pledge of involvement in February 2011. We have high hopes for this year’s efforts and need our networks, friends, and colleagues to rally around this innovative and unique public education campaign:


Your participation in the third annual GPSO will help raise renewed awareness around the world about rapid population growth as a fundamental sustainability issue. In 2010, GPSO participants numbered over 400 and hailed from 39 countries. Participants appeared on radio and television programs and wrote numerous letters, articles, and opinion pieces. Our goal this year is to increase the volume of these contributions by at least 20% — and your early support is vital to making that happen.

GPSO is an international citizen-driven campaign designed to raise public awareness about global population growth and its impact on the future of the planet and every creature that calls it home. By dedicating every February as a time to speak out publicly about the implications of population growth, GPSO is giving public voice to the concerns of leading scientists, academicians, and environmental activists.

As we approach next year’s GPSO, it’s increasingly evident that human demands are outstripping the Earth’s capacity to meet those needs. During the past year, numerous reports have been issued that suggest we are reaching a critical tipping point. Despite concerted international efforts to slow the rate of animal and plant extinction, the loss of biodiversity is accelerating. Drought, flooding, and the world’s rising demand for food are threatening to precipitate yet another food crisis as prices for wheat, corn, and other grains are soaring once again. Commodity prices for many minerals and fossil fuels are also climbing. Water scarcity is a growing concern. And, worst of all, the effects of climate change are becoming more pronounced as the planet warms and the glaciers melt.

Policymakers around the world need to understand the vital role that voluntary family planning programs can play in creating a more sustainable world. Even relatively small investments in family planning can pay enormous dividends, and preventing unwanted or unintended pregnancies is a “win” for women, their health, the welfare of their families and their communities, and the future of the planet. And, most importantly, policymakers need to understand the urgency of acting now.

Before it’s too late, the whole world needs to reflect on what population growth means for the future of our children and the planet they will inherit. With your support and participation, GPSO can be that wake up call. Please join today. We all must Speak Out for a sustainable future.


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