Palau Debates Banning Contraceptives to Stimulate Population Growth

December 24, 2010 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Asia/Pacific, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Joe Bish for this article about a possible human rights violation in Palau.

Palau is currently wrangling with a controversial bill that would ban the sale and distribution of contraceptives. The Population Growth Act is intended to stimulate population growth in the country, and has already been passed by the Senate on first reading.

According to the Asian Development Bank, Palau’s population growth is just under 1.5%-the smallest in the region. This has raised concerns among officials, especially because young Palauans are increasingly moving overseas to pursue education and work opportunities. Senator Alfonso Diaz explained: “We’re hoping when we outlaw [contraceptives] that people will be freely having sex and then reproduce.”

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