Endow-Bio, Inc., the First National Endowment for Biodiversity

February 9, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Andrew Williams for this announcement about a new organization set up to provide an endowment for biodiversity promoting causes – and related issues, including population.

Endow-Bio, Inc., the First National Endowment for Biodiversity

This is the birth announcement of Endow-Bio, Inc., the First National Endowment for Biodiversity. Given your interest in biology and conservation, human culture and our environment, we think you’ll be inspired by our audaciously hopeful, brand new, all-volunteer public charity! Please visit our website to learn about what we do, why we do it and how we do it: www.Endow-Bio.org

Endow-Bio offers a new ultra-democratic structure for philanthropy. Endow-Bio is a new element in our culture based on cooperation and generosity rather than on competition and greed. Our purpose is to effect change in our culture, to shift our collective perspective toward biocentrism and sustainability of our culture, and to do that we need many people participating.

You can participate fully in what we do for as little as $1.00. Money is not the issue here, but participation! Let your small gift be a pebble tossed into quiet water — through our endowment, the ripples that your action sets in motion just keep on expanding!

Please publicize Endow-Bio among your friends and colleagues interested in nature and conservation. Being brand new, we are utterly dependent on word-of-mouth marketing.

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