Credibility given unintentionally to cornucopian criminals?

February 13, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to James Sinnamon of Australia for this commentary. See

The philosophy referred to as cornucopianism should be condemned totally. Beware, however, of accidentally giving cornucopians undeserved credibility whilst seeking to demonstrate their foolishness. They should be shown up as criminals, not fools. Cornucopianism is self-evidently even more intellectually and scientifically bankrupt than, for example, the literal upholding of the book of Genesis or the belief that the earth is flat. No scientifically literate and numerate person could believe that the planet could be better off, instead of worse off, if human population were to grow beyond the current 7 billion, when, for most of human history until barely more than 300 years ago, the number of humans inhabiting the planet was less than 500 million.

To maintain that the earth today needs yet more people is barely less idiotic than to argue that in 1942 the 2,600,000 inhabitants of the city of Leningrad needed, above all else, more inhabitants to fight the besieging Germans. By the end of the 900 day Siege of Leningrad, an estimated 642,000 civilians had died, mostly through starvation. This was on top of the Red Army’s staggering 1,017,881 starved, killed, captured or missing around Leningrad. If the Soviet authorities only had to use their common sense to know that adding more people to the population of Leningrad during those years would increase the humanitarian catastrophe, why are so many of today’s world political and economic leaders determined to further increase planet Earth’s already vast human population? If these ‘modern’ plans to keep on stimulating human numbers are not stopped, then all the horrific tragedies of the Twentieth Century, including the Siege of Leningrad, which, together, cost an order of 100 million human lives, will seem like school yard scuffles in comparison to the terrible fate that will inexorably overtake many billions of humans.

Any educated and numerate person who seriously advocates further increasing human population is in my view, criminal. In practice, the outcome of what they are doing, if they are not stopped, will make the worst criminals of the 20th Century — Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Franco, the Rwandan Genocidalists, etc. — seem humanitarian, decent and civilised by comparison.

Enough digital ink has been spent trying to show up the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of cornucopianism. It is time that we treated this as self-evident and instead focused more on naming the cornucopians and using their own words to show them up for the cynical criminals that they surely must be.

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