Babysitting: An effective birth-control method?

February 20, 2011 • Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Eric Rimmer for this item carried by the Optimum Population Trust News Watch.

A British charity is using a unique tool to discourage teenagers from having unprotected sex: Toddlers. The organization, Teens and Toddlers, has teenage girls mentor young kids so that the young women can experience the responsibility of parenting firsthand. According to a new government report, the approach works far better than having teen mothers speak in schools about their experiences because teens actively react against being told what to do. In limited use, the program has proven effective, and now officials are calling for its expansion. Here, a brief guide:

How does Teens and Toddlers work?
The charity gives teenage girls the opportunity to babysit a tyke for 20 hours a week. The teens also take classes in parenting, child development, and sex and relationships. The approach actively brings home the enormity of the responsibility of bringing up a child, fosters emotional development and has been shown to change young peoples’ behavior, reads the government report.

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