Country Profiles for Population and Reproductive Health

February 28, 2011 • Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Bob Wyman for alerting me to the fact that the article PMC distributed yesterday on UN Population Division projections links to a report from 2004.  NOTE: While the article is recent, the projections it refers to are not!

At you can download a very useful UNFPA/PRB publication, Country Profiles for Population and Reproductive Health.

This volume contains more than more than 100 demographic and health indicators from developing countries, including information for tracking progress on the ICPD and Millennium Development Goals. It also includes brief overviews of the country’s situation with regard to population and health issues, and relevant policy developments. Regional overviews and indicators are provided as well.
The report covers basic demographic trends, as well as social and economic indicators, and statistics on maternal and child health, adolescent reproductive health, education, HIV and AIDS, gender equality and demand for reproductive health services. It also tracks internal disparities and public financing for health and education, and maps progress toward meeting the MDGs. Technical notes detail the data sources for key indicators and provide guidance for the interpretation of the statistics.

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